Rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

It's been ... quite a year for the guild. We've had a few interesting turns of events since Rill last posted some screenshots. Some good, some bad. But all entirely different.

Warcraft fell into a deep slumber and has remained in its burrow under the earth. You can thank Blizzard for a year with no content for that. Warlords of Draenor wasn't really the highlight we all hoped cry

So, what've we been doing since then ...

One Month On

Rill a posted Aug 3, 15

More kills, so more killshots! Kilrogg, Gorefiend, Iskar and Socrethar normal, and Hellfire Assault heroic (though no screenshot for that one).





You might have noticed they're messier than our usual screenies. Well, that's because we're pugging to fill raids: if you're not an Abso member, and want a later raiding slot with a top 20 horde guild on Argent Dawn then join us!

Hello Hellfire!

Rill a posted Jun 25, 15

Last night brought us 6.2, new content, new rep grinds and whole new swathes of challenges. Once we'd each set up our new anchorage, we set sail for destinations new (er...old, back to where we started the expansion, in fact), making sure to take care of our baggywrinkles and futtocks.

Despite our erstwhile skipper calibrating her expectations for heroic progression and so not researching enough bosses in advance, we stormed through several quick knockdowns. Didn't need to use the captain's daughter once!

Hellbreach is clear, although we forgot the killshot for Kormrok. Here's the aftermath of the Hellfire Assault:

Then the feet of the Iron Reaver (I really love that model):

We ventured further in and cleared the Hellfire High Council:

We did move on to Kilrogg, but by then we were all a little pooped and stopped for the night.

We'll be starting our heroic progression this Sunday, but in the meantime I guarantee you I'll be playing with my shipyard. I couldn't resist sticking the nautical terminology into the post, it's full of should-be-a-euphemisms.

I'll leave you with the revelation that Boomkin is an official nautical term. I kid you not.

The Difficulty with Killshots

Rill a posted Jun 1, 15

Kicking the progression along was definitely a good thing: last night we downed heroic Kromog and Oregorger. On the downside, I had to take some more screenshots and they never seem to go quite right somehow.

What Often Goes Wrong

We also go in for the world record in unsynchronised jumping, all the shiny procs at once and aggressive piccolo use. Credit in this one to Garathil for the serious face and Kanny for looking appropriate to his title!


Props to Kromog for going with the full on smashing his chin into the pavement, no wussing out and falling to his knees on the way down!


Much more relaxed look from our dead goren friend here. We'd like to respectfully request all bosses from now on take note and pose appropriately.

What you can do with some nicely placed text

It's so tempting to meme things up a little when I catch our toons mid movement. Ok, so this one maybe isn't the best, but it amuses me. Got any you want to share? (Don't make me caption competition you now).

Hithnass Did I read that right? 'Kanny'? Grats all for the progress!

Mauling the Maidens

Rill a posted May 25, 15

Heroic Maidens are down, making the guild 6/10 HC. We'll be starting with a different wing each week to give our progression a bit of a kick forwards - when you raid late nights, running progression at the end of a session is not always so productive!

Thanks again to Yunlee for the video recording and editing!

Lennoxs Really cool to get the bird's eye. Funny how impossible it can look in a video, but completely different when you&#...
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